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Dental Implant Study Group Workshop Series


Dates in 2014

September 13, October 18, November 15, December 19, January 10 2015

Time9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.




2211 Olimpic Blvd. Walnut Creek, CA94595



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Course Objective & Goals


       The purpose of this study group is to further the knowledge base and skill of the participant members by providing hands-on experience an didactic review of dental implant technologies. This Course is modeled for the advanced beginner to intermediate level practitioner, and the emphasis will be on hands-on exercise and patient surgeries. The HiOssen Corporate Sponsor will provide implants and implant components, and surgical and restorative systems will be used.


    It is recommended that each participant provide their own suitable patient for implant placement, and or phase  restoration. Free-hand/guided surgical techniques will be performed by each participant. Sinus lifts and miner grafting procedures will be demonstrated. Several implant-supported restorations will be considered: Simple1 unit, overdenture, multi-unit fixed, and combination fix-removable. Participants are welcome to bring existing possible treatment plans for group discussion. It is the objective, through hands-on activities, that each participant will become more comfortable in treating patients with implant-supported dentition.


  • Didactic instruction
  • Fabrication of surgical guides model-based Ct Planning Using Quick Guide (Hiossen) Sicat (optional), and Fabrication of CT-Based Surgical Guides
  • Surgical placement of implants in models
  • Surgical placement is implants in patients
  • Sinus lifting in models
  • Restorative phase lab exercises of various restorative options 
  • Restorative phase in patients 


      Each participating dentist will perform 2 surgeries of their choice: implant placement and/or Soft and Hard tissue surgery. Note tat each patient will be evaluated for suitability for inclusion in this workshop. Up to four implants and healing abutments will b provided. Abutments and crowns are the responsibility of the treating dentist.


     Surgical and lab instruments will be supplied for use.

     Magnifying loups and headlights a recommended.

* Class size is limited to 12 participants


 Course Curriculum (Tentative Plan)


     Day 1





  •  The Hi Ossen Implant System
  • Removable implant-supported prosthesis
    • Locator, "O" rings, and others: which system should I use?
    • Bars, no bars, hinge attachment?
    • Reinforcing techniques and biomechanics
  • Basic surgical techniques
    • Incisions and Suturing
    • Instrumentation
  • Model-based, model/radiograph-based surgical guide
  • Open-tray impression techniques
  • Locator-retained denture installation exercise
  • Model-based guide fabrication
  • Discussion for upcoming surgeries




     Day 2



  • Hard and soft tissue grafting
    • Should I use block or GPR?
      • Tenting technique
      • Membranes
    • FGG, CTG, dermal grafts, alloderm grafts, and others
  • Bioactive modifier
    • PRP, PDGF, PRGF, L-PRF, BMP-2: Which one should I use?
      • Protocols and tips
  • Autografts, Allogrfts, Xenegraphs, and Synthetics
  • Surgical review
  • PRGF/PRF exercise
  • Patient surgeries






     Day 3



  • Lateral and crestal sinus grafting
  • Coventonal techniques
  • LAS, CAS, or Piezo
  • Surgical review
  • CAS/LAS use on models
  • patient surgeries



      Day 4



  • Guided surgery using CT
    • Radiographic identification
      • Disease conditions
      • Radiographic landmarks
    • Scan techniques
      • Single scan protoocols
      • Dual scan protocals
      • Optical scab protocols
  • Surgical review
  • Radiographic scan appliance fabrication
  • Patient surgeries





  Day 5





  •  Guided surgery using CT
    • Using implant-planning software
  • Surgical review
  • Multi unit, full-mouth reconstruction, and other complex restorations
  • Surgical, aesthetic, and functional considerations
  • Specialized abutments
  • Ti milling and 3D printing
  • Step by step guide for predictable outcomes
  • Surgical review
  • Final dinner and certificate presentations
  • Case design using your laptop
  • Patient surgeries







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