Bone Growth

What is Bone Growth?

Bone growth is essential for the proper implantation of dental implants. Implants are made of thin titanium rods that are surgically inserted into the jawbone. Over the course of a few months, the surrounding bone will fuse with the actual implant. This ensures that it becomes a solid structure and part of your smile.

Why is Bone Growth necessary for implants?

If you do not have enough healthy bone around the implant, it will not be able to undergo the integration process. This can cause the implant to feel loose or to break and crack under pressure. In this case, a bone grafting is necessary to build up the bone in the area where the implant will be placed. To determine if there is bone loss, we will take x-rays and other special images.

Bone Growth Is Essential For The Proper Implantation Of Dental
There Are A Variety Of Bone Growth Options When It Comes To

What to know about Bone Growth options?

There are a variety of bone growth options when it comes to receiving a grafting. Synthetic bone is most commonly used because it is readily available. Donor or bovine bone material can also be used to build up on an area that is currently missing structure. In any event, we will go over your dental options with you prior to the bone grafting being done.

What can you expect during your procedure for Bone Growth?

We will first consult with you concerning bone growth options. We will take x-rays of your jaw and surrounding areas to ensure that you have enough healthy bone to support the implants that are being placed. In rare cases, you may deal with bone loss after having implants placed. This is most commonly caused by advanced periodontal disease that affects the underlying bone in the mouth. In any event, we will help to stabilize your implant using bone growth options and methods that have been used for years. The procedure can be discussed during your consultation appointment so that you know what to expect.

If you would like to learn more about bone growth and how it relates to dental implants, call us today to schedule a consultation appointment.