Complex Restorations

What is a Prosthodontist?

            A prosthodontist specialist is a Dentist that has 3 or more years training beyond that of a regular General Dentist. It is one of the 7 recognized specialties by the American Dental Association. Prosthodontists are involved with fabricating Dentures, Crowns, Bridges, and other aspects of restorative dentistry.

Not only does a prosthodontist deal with simple cases, but are specially trained for the more complex cases.  Some examples are patients who need full mouth reconstruction, with real teeth or in combination with dental implants, cancer patients who have lost their jaws, nose, ears, etc. and is not limited to the mouth.

Teeth in a day

            There has been much talk of “teeth in a day” “teeth in an hour” “teeth in 10 minutes” etc. but what most people don’t realize is that these are temporaries that are used until the implant “heals”, and this cannot be done with everyone. It depends upon that particular person, and that particular situation, and there may be compromises involved. A more conventional approach may be temporary “bonded bridges”, temporary “retainers”, temporary dentures or partial dentures, etc. and when the implant “heals” then the final “permanent” restoration can be completed. Incomplete. I will send you the completed article later.

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