Have you been considering dental implants, but were afraid to really consider them because of the PAIN?

Dental implants have been a revolution in dentistry. They have many advantages as compared to previous technologies. They look, feel and function more like your natural teeth. Your speech, taste, looks, and chewing ability are more natural. The success rate for dental implants are very high. They are conservative; no need to grind down your adjacent teeth for a bridge. They don’t get recurrent decay; this is the leading cause of failing conventional dental work. Until dental implants were invented, we did not have the technology to maintain the jawbone levels once teeth were extracted.

With all these advantages (and many more, see our webpage: TriValleyImplants.com), you would think that more people would prefer this treatment option. However, the fear of PAIN is a major concern of many people. What sane person would like to have their jawbone drilled? Actually, there are very few pain nerves in the jawbone. Most are in the gum soft tissue area. With older surgical techniques, the gum needed to be cut and pealed. This meant longer procedure times, more pain and delayed healing.

We use the latest minimally invasive surgical placement techniques to not only significantly reduce the discomfort of dental implant placement, but reduce healing time as well. Many patients may not need any pain medication at all. In many situations the procedure may even be 10 minutes or less! Of course, this will vary between patients, but our philosophy is to reduce trauma as much as possible without compromising the outcome. Our technology is good, but not as good as nature. Implants are the closest technology we have to nature.

Implant consultations are free. We have reasonable fees and 100% financing. Let’s see what we can do for you. The University of Illinois at Chicago, NY Brookdale Hospital, and The University of the Pacific graduate


Gregory K. Louie DDS, DICIO, AFAAID, Prosthodontics Specialist
520 La Gonda Way, Suite 101
Danville, CA  94526
925-785-9089 Member: ADA,CDA,ACP,AAID,AACD,ICOI,AGD

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