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Patient Information

Gregory K. Louie, DDS, PC’s mission is to provide high-level, customized prosthodontic care to every patient who comes through our doors. This website is a great place to start if you are unfamiliar with prosthodontics and what we do here. In addition, we can answer any questions you have by phone or email. We will be with you every step to ensure you are comfortable with each step of the process. We strive to be available to every patient when they need us, from consultation through follow-up care. We know you have a busy schedule. That is why we provide multiple ways to get a hold of us and provide information.

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We are happy to hear from you, answer your questions, and schedule an appointment. Call Gregory K. Louie DDS, PC at 925-659-1142 or stop by our office.
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New Patients

A prime example of our dedication to making things as convenient as possible for our patients is the patient information form you can find here. This creates the opportunity to give us all the relevant information we need ahead of time to avoid any extra hassle on the day of your appointment. We use this information to get to know you, your needs, and any oral health care issues. With this information, we can begin to craft a customized treatment plan aimed at getting you the results you seek. When you are ready to begin the journey toward your new and improved smile, call us at 925-659-1142 to make an appointment for a consultation. Our team is excited to put our skills to work for you.

Payment Methods – Check or Cash Accepted

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Making an Appointment

It is easy to make an appointment for your initial examination and dental treatments with Gregory K. Louie DDS, PC. Simply call 925-659-1142 and one of our friendly team members will be happy to assist you. If you schedule an appointment and something comes up, please call and cancel 24 hours in advance so that we can accommodate other patient requests.

What to Expect

Walk into our lobby where you will be greeted by our friendly team. We will provide you with new patient paperwork that includes a health questionnaire, request for your insurance information and contact information. We will also provide you with information to familiarize you with our office and how we handle things like patient privacy.

Initial Examination

Initial Examination

Your initial dental exam will take around one hour. The experienced team at Gregory K. Louie DDS, PC will ask you questions, get to know your oral hygiene routine, and listen to your health concerns. We believe in educating patients and empowering them to make good choices to improve their oral health. We will demonstrate how to properly care for your teeth and make additional suggestions as needed. Our dental hygienist will clean your teeth then Dr. Louie will complete your examination and make recommendations for proposed dental treatments.

Pain Concerns

We work to ensure our patients feel comfortable, and that includes minimizing their pain as much as possible. If you are undergoing a dental procedure, Dr. Louie will meet with you to discuss your pain tolerance and create a plan for pain management. Working together, we will treat your dental health problems in a way that minimizes pain and enables you to get back to your life faster.

Dental Insurance

Dental Insurance

We accept a variety of insurance providers and endeavor to accommodate our patients' request. Please call our office at 925-659-1142 to see if we are currently working with your insurance provider.

Our pricing structure is designed to ensure that patients are able to receive the high quality dental care they deserve. If your dental insurance will not cover all of your dental treatments, we will work with you to identify a payment solution. We are health care professionals first and will work with you to make sure you receive the treatment you need.

Financial Policy

Financial Policy

Gregory K. Louie DDS, PC provides high quality dental care to families throughout the Danville area. We understand that every dental patient has different financial needs. We will work with you to find a solution that enables you to get the dental care you need, with or without insurance. Call our office to ask about our different payment options that may include cash, check, financing, and credit cards. We provide budget friendly dental care so call today and learn how Gregory K. Louie DDS, PC is the solution to all of your oral health needs.